Obama and Murphy’s Law

Obama and Murphy’s Law

Jake Joseph

Obama is a supreme contortionist. He’s even better than the best acrobat at the circus. How else can he oversee the 10* year in Afghanistan, ordering another 30,000 troops into the longest war in American history, while keeping a straight face as a Nobel peacemaker?  A war that has now cost upwards of $300 billion dollars and is continuing to bleed the US coffers to the tune of some $10 billion dollars a month, (that’s 10,000 million dollars) while he jets around on Air Force One, extolling the virtues of his democratic party in the best democracy “money can buy”.

Greg Palast, the sometime BBC journalist had it dead right when he pointed that out. An entire country’s political establishment hijacked by big money flowing freely into the campaign chests of both parties, after an incompetent and near sinister Supreme Court, ruled in favor of allowing Corporations to exercise their “freedom of Speech”. Yeah, that’s Right!! Free speech for business corporations and other associations. A bunch of profit maximizing non human entities are now well within their legal rights to exercise their “free speech” like any other citizen. It’s only a matter of time when they might even get the vote. Given the sheer lunacy of our right wing supreme court, that really wouldn’t be such a stretch, opening the door for a near kleptocracy class of inmates, to well and truly take over the asylum, if they haven’t already.

And while all of this legal bribery and money transfer from Corporations to politicians is heading into the most expensive election in American democracy and history, the government, or more precisely the Department of Defence is transferring money back into the corporate world, having just announced the sale of some $125 billion dollars worth of weapon systems and armaments to a scared shitless, undemocratic and autocratic Arab world, fearful of an intransigent Iran, while clinging to the last vestiges of power. It’s pure genius! You remove Saddam and the Iraqi deterrent allowing Iran to move into the power vacuum created. You then create sufficient levels of fear amongst the Bedouins who are only too willing to part with their money to purchase even more arms. Simultaneously, corporations glad hand the elected officials at home and in return they reward the business community with arms deals. What a beautiful caper. Masquerading around the world as the beacon of democracy, while arming a bunch of misogynistic, greedy grasping Arab rulers, whose idea of pluralism is to shove hordes of its citizenry, through its “religious” police into jail for offences as petty as drinking coffee in a Starbucks with a member of the opposite sex. I mean, how much more surreal can it get?

And then there is Israel. America’s surrogate in the Middle East and Obama’s cross to bear. His speech in Cairo to the Arab world did not endear himself to the well heeled and politically powerful “Israel-first” crowd back home, who are all too used to successive US Presidents groveling like children for their acceptance and, well, money too. How he must squirm, when heaping praise on a country, not too dissimilar to his Arab weapons buyers, violating practically every tenet of International human right law. Toothless to do anything about it, other than to express the perfunctory “disappointment” with Israel. It must be in the Guinness book of records, the number of times every State department of every impotent US administration in recent times, wringing its hands in “disappointment ” at yet another pushing of the envelope by a near pariah state with a Likud government that can only be described as sadistic and in denial. How he must be seething, to just stand by, helpless, while his surrogate and ward, swears every one of its citizenry to a “Jewish State” oath, all the while proclaiming to the world its pluralistic and democratic credentials. If that isn’t a classic case of cerebral rectal inversion, I don’t know what is.

The poor man simply can’t catch a break! Heck, even the Chileans got their “Mine Milagro” or miracle in Copiapo. The irony of watching the last rescuers in that mine two thousand feet below, holding up a sign with a George Bush-ism that read “Mission Accomplished in Chile” must have been especially cruel. What did HE get instead? The BP Gulf Coast Oil spill which, apart from turning the Gulf Coast in the southern US into an oil slick for years to come, also morphed into a public relations disaster with accusations from far and wide about his clumsy and some would say tepid response in soft peddling the severity of the spill. What do they say about wanting something badly, like the highest office in the land? “Be careful what you ask for, you just might just get it!” The sorry sod!

On the economic front too, he is catching plenty of stick for overseeing a new rather strange and comical economic condition called ” a jobless recovery”. I’m deadly serious here. Oh Yes! 20 million people out of work, foreclosures and bankruptcies at its highest levels since the great depression, poverty, malnutrition and homelessness at record levels, but the great casino and holy grail of the New York Stock Exchange is booming. Funny money fiddlers are at it again. They haven’t learnt their lessons and are fixing to blow up yet another bubble. Truly, a case of casting pearls before swine.

And if all that wasn’t enough, he now has to contend with the “Tea Party”, a collection of misguided angry right wing nut jobs and overweight mall walkers, screaming to “take their country back”. I’ve got to think that behind that effervescent smile, there is a side of Obama that just wants to crawl into a small space, far from the maddening crowd. He is the very epitome of a person who seems to attract the worst possible luck, ironically since his election. By all accounts, he is likely to lose the Congress to the Republicans this mid-term election and will probably have to see out the rest of his first term in grid lock, with the opposition threatening to reverse and repeal all the laws he help pass. Great! That is his reward for naively extending his hand of bipartisanship, only for his political enemies to take a great big crap on it. His adversaries literally want to tar and feather this guy, because they just cannot come to terms with the fact that a “darky” might have just out-witted them into the highest office in the land. Oh, they will protest and froth at the mouth at the seemingly ugly suggestion, feigning moral uprightness and dispelling any notion of racism. Is racism still alive and well in significant quarters in the US? Duh! Does a bear shit in the forest?

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